Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Search and win with Swag Bucks.

First of all, this is not a scam. This isn't a "Test and keep" kind of deal, you don't have to complete any "offers", you don't have to enter any kind of credit card info. In fact all you have to do is search the internet like you always do, except now you can be rewarded for doing it. No cost, no hassle, and no spam. It's even fun to collect your bucks.

You already search the Internet using Google and, so why not get something in return for doing it.

How about gift cards from places like Amazon, Starbucks, or Wal-Mart?

Maybe digital music downloads from Itunes?

Or how about autographed swag from music artists like Staind, Theory of a Deadman, Miranda Lambert, Kanye West, Willie Nelson, and a whole lot more.

Movie posters, kids stuff, sports cards, autographs, t-shirts, etc. etc. etc. ALL FOR FREE!

If you really work it, you could take home a Playstation 3, a Nintendo Wii, IPods, flat screen TVs......All free and all very real. You don't even pay the shipping.

Before I explain how it all works, here's a video of me opening up my very first prize. After just 6 days of normal web searching, I had enough swag bucks to get this signed album flat from the band Trapt. I redeemed my points, and it was in my hands in less than a week.

It's very easy, and a lot of fun.

1. Sign up using any of the links you see here on this site. If you use one of the links to the right, up above, or down at the bottom to sign up, it'll actually make you a member of all of them. Again it's all free and you'll never be asked to complete any offers or give your credit card info.

If you want a prize from the band Staind, simply use the swag search engine on their site, and your Staind bucks can be redeemed for Staind prizes. Use the Indianapolis Colts search engine and your bucks can be used in the Colts swag store, etc. Or use the Swag Bucks engine and redeem your bucks in the Swag Bucks Store.

You'll get a few bucks as soon as you join.

2. Now you're ready to start searching and racking up the bucks! That was easy. Just keep yourself logged in and when you need to search, just use the engine you like, and every once in awhile you'll win some swag bucks. Could be 1, 2, 3, maybe more, for a simple search. Here's what they look like...
TIP: Just use the search engines like you would for everyday searching. Just sitting around searching for nothing, or entering gibberish in to the search bar won't work. Use it for normal searching, and you have a better chance of being rewarded.

It's also a good idea to install the toolbars available for Internet Explorer and Firefox. It makes searching even easier.

3. WAYS TO GET EVEN MORE BUCKS - There are several ways to add swag bucks to your account, which I'll detail here.

Referrals. Get your friends to join. Give them your referral link (which you can get as soon as you join). When they win a buck from a search, YOU win a buck from their search. If they get 10 bucks from a search, YOU get 10 bucks from their search. Get up to 100 bucks for every person who joins with your link. Post your link wherever you have an online presence and watch them add up.

Show your prize. When you redeem your bucks for a prize, take a picture and a video of yourself opening the package. Submit it to swag bucks and they'll give you a couple of bonus bucks. You may even be featured in their blog and Flickr page! Plus, you can post your video on Youtube and include your referral link to get more bucks!

Swag Codes. Keep an eye on the Swag Bucks pages at Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Youtube, the IE toolbar, and the blog for the occasional swag code. Enter the code on your account page and you'll get even more. Sometimes the codes are tricky to find, but it can be a lot of fun looking for them.

Trade Ins. Trade in any old unwanted cell phones or video games and be rewarded with swag bucks. Just another way to add to your rewards.

4. That's pretty much it. Sign up, start searching, and enjoy the prizes. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to e-mail me at

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